3. What can it be used for?

Private use

Information arrangement of hobbies, such as a travel, gourmet food and drink, reading, and movies, or one's diary

First of all, let's just write something of interest. Since information is written in a parent-child relationship format, one's ideas can be automatically arranged according to the information management. By using the abundant functions, various applications are possible depending on one's ingenuity. Moreover, if another user is researching the same topic, information can be shared or communication established.

Business use

As a work tool for information management, such as brainstorming, human networking, business meeting minutes

Since related information can be provided and arranged, work information that tends to be scattered around the office can be systematically managed. The timetable and calendar functions can be used for schedule management. And when used by a group, the range of practical uses at work further expands.

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