Graph Operations

How to Create mind Map

Click the "create a map" button on "Home" to open a window. The root topic is automatically created. Double click the background to create a new topic and the name can be entered as is. Double click the topic to open the topic information.

Map Graph

A map graph visual displays the relation diagram of topics contained in a mind map. Images and videos set in a topic will be displayed on the map graph as topic labeled icons. When both an image and video are set, priority is given to the image. Up to 50 topics can be created in one mind map.


[ Topic ]

When the mouse moves over the topic, the information window of the current topic opens. Keep the cursor moving over the information window and select operation in the menu.

  • Edit
    Edit Topic name, Map Description, URL, Tag, Do not Share, Begin Date/Time, End Date/Time, Topic's color, Text's color.
  • Delete
    Delete a topic. If the topic has any child topic, delete everything under the topic.
  • Archive
    Archive the topic. If the topic has any child topic, archive everything under the topic.
  • Convert to map
    Convert everything under the topic to a map.
  • Alignment
    Align everything under the topic.
  • Link
    If the topic has the linked page, display a "link" button. Click the "link" button and open another window of the linked page.

[ Map ]

  • Move
    Drag the background to move the entire context.
  • Zoom
    Drag the slider in the upper left hand corner and zoom the map at a rate of 50% ~ 200%.
  • The number of Topics
    Display the number of topics in a map.

Displaying Related Information

When a mind map is displayed, information related to the mind map is displayed around each topic like blurred bubbles. Select the topic and these bubbles become sharp. When the mouse moves over the related information, the detailed window of the related information opens. Click "link" to link any information which may be useful or click "copy" to take it as a child topic.

Menu Bar

[ Move ]

  • Home
    Return to Home.
  • Previous Page
    Return to the previous page.
  • Comment
    Move to "Comments" page of the map.

[ Settings ]

  • Map settings
    Edit Map name, Map description, Tag, Private, Comment permission, Background Image Delete, Background color, Lines color.
  • All topics color
    Change all topics color and texts' color.

[ Related information ]

  • Automatic
    Display information related to the map in order.
  • None
    Do not display related information.

[ Help ]

  • Graph Operations
    Display the "help"(this page).

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