Edit Mind Map

iconTo edit a mind map

Click the "edit map" button on "Home" or the mind map display page to open on the mind map edit screen. Enter any changes to the registered information and click the "accept" button to save the changes. Items that can be edited from the mind map edit screen are as follows.

Mind Map Items that can be Edited

[ Name ]

Enter the Name of the Mind Map.

[ Map Description ]

Enter a description of the mind map.

[ Tag ]

Enter the genre, a category, etc. of the mind map. Several tags can be entered by placing a single byte space between tags. The list of tags of a mind map is displayed on the left side of the "Home" screen.

> Outline: Home

> How to Categorize a Map and a Topic

[ Private ]

Check the "private" checkbox to hide the mind map from the view of other users. When the private setting is engaged, the "private" icon is displayed on the right side of the mind map name.


If a mind map is to be viewed only by specific users, first set the mind map as private and create an access code. Only users who have received a notification inviting them to view the mind map and containing the access code can open the mind map. The access code can be changed at a later time.

[ Allow Comments ]

You can select if you accept comments by other users

・All Comments
all users, including users not registered to Marici may leave comments.
・Only Marici users
Only users registered to Marici may leave comments.
No users may leave comments.

[ Display Order ]

This sets the display order of the mind map list (prior to selecting a map) on "Home". Use the pull down menu to move a mind map to the front.

[ Accept ]

Click the "accept" button to save any edited information.


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